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Give up

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2173760-give-up.mp3]


I give up

Why should I try

Any longer


I’ve been weighed


Found wanting


Worth less

Than a word

An effort

My mistakes

Are too fucking great

To ever forgive



I am flawed

And faulted

I am needed

And wanted

But at the end of the day

Fuck me

I’m thrown away

For mistakes

That could not

Be forgiven

All that I

Have given of myself

Is not enough

To love


I can’t keep trying

I won’t

It hurts

To be left

So broken

By yet another

Who has spoken

All those words

Of love and support

That I needed to hear

Someone whose heart

I held so dear

Who finds it so easy

To just




Through all

That we’ve been through


Fucking tribulations

And I was always there

I always showed

I care

But yet again

I’m just a whore

Just more trash

Worth nothing more

Than a hurtful


Parting word


Why do I try

Why do I care..


Throw your words at me

My dearest friend

Let me know

How far

You’d go to end

All that we have built

Then let your silence

Fucking silt

My soul

I have nothing more

I have nothing more

I have nothing more

Than all that I have given

All that I have meant


That turns out to be

Too fucking little

Once again


Not Meant

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2124975-never-meant.mp3]


I didn’t want you

To read me

I didn’t want me

To hurt you


You have your side

And I have mine

You think

You were right

While I see

Both sides


So guilt I’ll bear

For your wrongs

And mine

For you

Will never know

What lays upon my mind


My heart still is hurt

For yours rejected

All that I told

That I’d held protected

Your ego

Which I’d thought

Barely existed

You brought

To forefront

And used

Against me


Every feeling

Every thought

You took as

An assault

That’s no way

For this to live

That’s no way

For love to give




With a true heart’s


Stepping to each other

With respect

With reverence

For someone

Who truly loves you


You swept that away

You had your own way

And mine was just

No good enough

I tried, babe

I tried so hard

To let you see

To understand

What I held

In my heart

Outstretched in my hand


But at

The end of this day

It’s only you who holds

The power

Where another

Would shower

With gratitude

I accept that I’ve earned

My solitude

From you


I wish, but I will not bow

For you, my love

Do not deserve me now

You and I were never

Meant for one another

And though


I will always love

And treasure

Your love is only

Meant for your pleasure

Your time

Your rhyme

Your pace

Not my place

To be



[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2114204-why.mp3]


I grit my teeth and bear it

My soul fucking bares it

The need for you extolls

And casts its costs upon

My god damned soul


I know you, the core of you

I see you, every inch

I hear you and I wince

At what you share

With those who could

Not care



Lest you think

Less of me

I hold your heart

Within me

I care like

You don’t fucking know

I wish that you

Would just show


But whatever, right

There is no fight

I guess we just

Drift apart

No end, really

It’s not like you

Would say to me

“Don’t go

I need you

I want you

I’ll meet you”


You are too

Obsessed with you

To ever really

Let me in

To show even

An ounce of care

Like goddamn strangers did

So who am I

Who am I

To you


You must be getting

Sick of this

If you even care

You read

But at this point

I’m not through

With us

Cuz you



Were just

What I needed


And again

Damn me

I’m laying myself

Bare to thee

In hopes that you

Will what?

Come back to me?

Then what?


Go back to ignoring me

Go back to doing




Without a care for me


I never asked

Never would

You to change

How’s that good

But you failed to respect

And what’s worse

You neglect

Three long days

I waited

While my heart syncopated

You knew

You knew

And not a word

Came through

What was

A girl to think


Except we’re through


Every day

Every damn fucking day

I miss what we had

And yet I’m glad

For how can I be

With one who cannot be

There for a minute

There to care

There to show

He’s fucking there


Why the fuck

Why the fuck

Why the fuck

Should I goddamn fucking care


But I do

Cuz I love you

And I hate you

Not that it matters



I’ll not beg

Not chase

Just release

You to the life

You wanted to lead

Without me



I became
The cause of
Your apathy

How easy it was
For you to walk away
The too familiar cadence
Of footsteps crossing
My threshold
On their way out

The doubt you caused
To bloom in me
The benedictions you
Falsely gave
The proposal
You threw away

When did I become
Too much for you
To love
Or was it always
That I was never

The pain of your loss
Echoes in my brain
But my heart
You left cold
Trust long gone
Faith where it
In the grave you dug
For yourself

Pretend – Voice

Wish you were that kind.
That you stalked my every line.
Looking for yourself.

Wish I was the one,
Your all encompassing sun.
Revolve around me?

You don’t have the time.
No, your passion surmounts mine!
And I am eclipsed…

It’s not meant to be.
It is obvious to me.
Please, pretend you’re mine?

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