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Tap That

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2113595-tap-that.mp3]


Tap into that vein again

Stabbing, sliding

Push it deeper

Do you remember pain

Isn’t that all

That ever remains


Sweat slicked

Impaled by your

Succinct lack of wit

Your presence is

An empty vessel

Filled with all

The bullshit

You spit


Your face I wish

I could maim

And yet my body

Still calls you to claim

I’d render you

To ash and dust

Goddamn this need

Fuck this lust


I just want

To feel

Something like life

Flowing through me


Remind me why

I hate you



For this wanton desire

For sweet release

Is slowly

Killing me

And I can’t

Let this

Start up again


Just tap into that vein

Make it deep

Make it bleed

Now please

Speak Not

Speak not to me of the warmth of the sun

Of long days singing lovely Summer song

How fair, in the shining, your love becomes

Reminding me, in light I don’t belong


In beauteous night, amidst Winter’s chill

My love, devotion, firmly are grounded

Only in the silence my thoughts distill

By light and warmth they only are hounded


In day, in lieu of  soft welcome shadow

When silence remains unattainable

Deep I wend in the mind’s somber chateau

Where thoughts are burning, irrepressible


Speak not to me of sunny resplendence

The dim and gloom is my true residence

Passionate Indevotion

Each bitter word

I long to say

The memories

I wish would not stay

My bond with you

Was too deep

Your bond with me

Was unspeakably



I find your words

Like crumbs left

To follow

I mustn’t

I daren’t

Your words

Leave me hollow

Each drenched

In poison of their own

Sweet, succinct

They drip

From your fingers


Blame me

Blame you

What does it matter

We’re through

You left me

High and dry

When all I wanted

To do

Was die and drown

In you


I was weak

I admit

But was it really

Too much

For a measure

Of kindness

In exchange for lust

I can live

On so little

But you fed me dust


I choked

And revoked you

I’m trying

So goddamn hard

To banish you

From this weak heart

But you keep popping up

In too many

Too many

Too many

Hurtful thoughts


How dare you

Be angry

With me

You took your chances

The same as me

Can you blame me

Do you


When all I did

Was attempt

To save me

From you


I laid my heart

At the mausoleum

Of yours

You wouldn’t


Open the door

How long

Did you expect

Me to sit there




Were inside




Other words

Who you valued

More than mine

More than me

More than everything

I fucking tried

To let you see

You claimed to care

But you

Put the lie to your words

You walked away

Before I did

You sheathed your sword

So don’t wonder


I’m no longer there

I still care

I still love

But you

You made it too hard

To stay


Your abject dissolution

Your passionate


Were all the signs

I needed to see

You were done with me

Long before

I walked away

Don’t try to say

It wasn’t that way


Fated Night – A Sonnet

Musical accompaniment by @JoseLMendeV   Many thanks to him.


Her eyes draw to the window once again

Hoping her love will soon return, longing

Her heart aches, feeling pulled from her, to him

A chasm in the midst of her, forming


Rain begins to fall, the wind comes howling

Beating at her windows, rude intruder

Her hand to her heart falls, trembling, fearing

Her mind sprints away, all peace eludes her


Her heart skips, in a pained languid stupor

A ringing shatters the waiting silence

On the line, the voice of a state trooper

Speaks softly thus – her love, lost, to violence


Thunder rolls, rains pours, tears slowly roll, fall

Her love, her life, this night she’s lost it all



yes, line 12 is 11 syllables. fuck it. send.

The Muse

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2108045-the-muse.mp3]


She patiently watches with eyes of coal.

Peering over his shoulder, through his soul.

She patiently watches him boiling gold;

His words to her, slowly crafted, unfold.


An ethereal whisp is all she is.

A whisper on the wind, a dream of bliss,

A touch of love and broken promises,

Memories and longings that burn to kiss.


The muse’s lips softly curl in a smile,

Watching her reason for being beguile.

His aesthetic prose, his constructed style-

Pouring forth, pulsing, flowing like the Nile.


At the end of the day, work put away,

So too is she, she can no longer stay.

For a Poet’s heart will too often stray,

And a Muse’s is too quick to give way.


Into another night, lost, unconsoled,

Left to want and wander in mute remiss.

Searching for someone, aching to inspire;

A true bond which will not lead to dismay.



sigh. it’s not perfect, but i’m done with it..

rewrote the first line/last stanza, will correct recording later..

Iron And Steel

Your words like iron

Like rusty steel

Blades damaged

And damage

Their appeal

They cut, they chop

Through my walls

To my heart

Wielded by hands

Who should

I thought

Know better

Hands that knew

How to be tender

But instead

Chose to render

My heart from my chest

When I tried

To give my best

I was met

With iron

And steel

No repeal

Not Fit

Someone somewhere

Something had the key


They unleashed me

Upon myself

Pacing caged

My mind enraged

Heart racing

Thoughts chasing

Panic erasing

What little remained

The physical



I’ve been caught

By my own claws


Something’s rotting

Away inside me

My own divinity

Is cock blocking me

I’m spent

I relent

I can no longer stay

I’m pent up

I’ve been here

Far too long already


The words I sought

The cure to my own

But what was wrought

But more senseless pain

Nothing ventured

Let’s lay blame

On each others shoulders

Laurels to the winner

And loser both

Wreaths of thorns

That snare and shed

Red blood of their own


This chaos

This pandemonium

Heart racing

Thoughts chasing

Soul crushing

Just leave me alone

I am not fit

For human consumption

I lack the wit

The drive

I’m too hurt inside

Don’t hold me unless

You intend to crush me

To destroy everything

That’s come before


Lining up words in my head

Standing with a shotgun

Filled with dread

Taking aim at every word

That I have ever spoken

Wishing I could

Blow each away

Wishing to take back

Every god damned word

Lay them in a grave



Heart racing

Thoughts chasing

I’ve been here

Far too long already

Don’t touch me

Your tenderness

Hurts too much

Just leave me here

To slowly bleed

Get thee

Behind me


Do You Know?

Where does it go

Do you know

Do you

Go with the flow

Our hands

A promise

Never held

Never meant

Where did we go

As the Spring

Drew nearer

The shimmer

of warmth

Passing through

The aether

That was us

From whence we came

To whence

We go

Do you know

Do you know

Where it went

Where we go

From here



[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2103402-always.mp3]


My heart I tore for you

As before I never did

Though you might think

My actions few

You’ll never know

What I did for you


Your heart

Your soul

Your mind

Called out to mine

I answered


That you might

Take me all


Your heart

Ever closed to me

Your actions


Led my heart

To believe

I was nothing

But nothing

To you


I backed away

In the hopes

That you

Might follow

That my fellow


Would seek

Me out

Might sway



You left me

In silence

Your interest

Had waned

Inconstant was

Your devotion

And I was left

In remiss

In penitence


Away I walk


You found

No worth

In me

Though you

Will live

In my heart

A constant reminder

Of all I’d sought

I must

Leave you




I loved

And always will

Your secret soul

I’ll treasure


And perhaps


You’ll seek me out

Though I may have left

You will never be far

I will always



Hold you in my heart

The Tavern – Willa Cather

A poem by Willa Cather

The Tavern

In the tavern of my heart

Many a one has sat before,

Drunk red wine and sung a stave,

And, departing, come no more.

When the night was cold without,

And the ravens croaked of storm,

They have sat them at my hearth,

Telling me my house was warm.

As the lute and cup went round,

They have rhymed me well in lay;–

When the hunt was on at morn,

Each, departing, went his way.

On the walls, in compliment,

Some would scrawl a verse or two,

Some have hung a willow branch,

Or a wreath of corn-flowers blue.

Ah! my friend, when thou dost go,

Leave no wreath of flowers for me;

Not pale daffodils nor rue,

Violets nor rosemary.

Spill the wine upon the lamps,

Tread the fire, and bar the door;

So despoil the wretched place,

None will come forevermore.

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