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Please Do

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2131272-please-do.mp3]


Oh, how this dreadful heart

Still races

At every word

That passes through my eyes

How the thunder of anxiety

Flows and pulses through me

At just the mention of you

And reminds me of

Those damn eyes


How I tremble every time

Your heart passes through mine

Too often, far too often

I see the signs

Warning of danger

And yet, love, I still linger

At the crossroads

Where our hearts once met

Where I once thought

You were heaven sent


You, you, the most divine hell

How your every thought

Made my soul swell

My body quell

The image of you rough

Taking and making me

Submit to your touch

Oh please, heart

Please mind

Don’t bring his face

Before my eyes

Once more


Please do



The Writer

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2131181-the-writer.mp3]


Twisting her hair to a knot in the back,

She settles in to type; but what today?

Poetry, yet free flowing or with tact?

Shall she write eloquent or let words play?


Her lip in teeth caught as her thoughts wander

Through love’s past, present, possible future.

Her mind winding, past lessons she ponders.

Suddenly, inspired, words flow through her.


With furied clicking, tapping and ticking,

Something unfolds from her graceless fingers.

Her eyes glaze with pleasurous precision;

Words fall in place without hesitation,

As all those tales that in her heart linger,

Flood the screen with purity, remitting.


Each sense, all five, bring back that history,

Of love and life, sweetness and misery.

Unrestrained, she pounds the keys rhythmically.

Again this night, she lets her soul flow free.

As One

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2129485-as-one.mp3]


The swell of heat

In the air tonight

Brings to me

Thoughts of him

And his sweet

Sweet eloquent bite

Those thoughts

Those memories

Of a passion fueled

By pained realities

How we both longed

For nothing more

Than to grip and rip

And tear ourselves bare

With tooth and claw


And forgetting all

To sink into flesh


To redefine

Each part each piece

To find some peace

From ourselves

Within each others’



Where love

Maybe dwells


Exposing what we

Have both been



Lusting for

All these years

A place to let these

Goddamn tears

Flow with a purpose

To let the other

Use us

To be as one

As animals

To mount

And at once surmount

All that has held

Us back

Giving all

That we lack

Finding peace

In violence

Finding flesh and teeth

And something


That might be


In each other reborn

To each other sworn

Letting those demons

Each single one

Left to run

To pillage and burn

And return

To caves that we

Have carved

In each other

You and I as one

Knight of Night #SonnetSunday

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2127727-knight-of-night.mp3]


The night loomed large, overwhelming senses

The demons howled and hollered to the moon

And prowled amongst the fragrant nightshade blooms

As rain poured down, thunder roared relentless


A form emerged from the storm’s offensive

Darker than pitch, ebon eyes pierced the gloom

A hulking shade whose presence spoke of doom

Blade in hand, he took down night’s defenses


Beneath his mighty swing darkness shattered

All the laws of time and space were broken

He carved them all away to set her free

To this haunted figure, all that mattered

The light of his love, whom night had stolen

Now rejoined, he claims her eternity

Not Meant

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2124975-never-meant.mp3]


I didn’t want you

To read me

I didn’t want me

To hurt you


You have your side

And I have mine

You think

You were right

While I see

Both sides


So guilt I’ll bear

For your wrongs

And mine

For you

Will never know

What lays upon my mind


My heart still is hurt

For yours rejected

All that I told

That I’d held protected

Your ego

Which I’d thought

Barely existed

You brought

To forefront

And used

Against me


Every feeling

Every thought

You took as

An assault

That’s no way

For this to live

That’s no way

For love to give




With a true heart’s


Stepping to each other

With respect

With reverence

For someone

Who truly loves you


You swept that away

You had your own way

And mine was just

No good enough

I tried, babe

I tried so hard

To let you see

To understand

What I held

In my heart

Outstretched in my hand


But at

The end of this day

It’s only you who holds

The power

Where another

Would shower

With gratitude

I accept that I’ve earned

My solitude

From you


I wish, but I will not bow

For you, my love

Do not deserve me now

You and I were never

Meant for one another

And though


I will always love

And treasure

Your love is only

Meant for your pleasure

Your time

Your rhyme

Your pace

Not my place

To be


The End – An Elegy

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2121030-the-end.mp3]


For a time, for a moment, you were all

You were my smile, and my ache, and my fall

We were once a promise, now we decay

It hurts my soul to say goodbye each day


The most bitter pill I’ve had to swallow

Knowing, after my heart, you’d not follow

That your love was ever only so deep

And yet somehow it continues to seep


In you I found such release, such glory

I’d had hopes we’d continue our story

That your exquisite fury you’d unleash

On every delicate part of me


Oh, your hands, your lips, your razor sharp teeth

How I longed to be taught and caught beneath

That face, that smile, how I would surrender

And let that gaze burn me to sweet ember


Burn we did, alas too quickly to last

Your perfect storm was ever meant to pass

And my harbor was never to be home

You, love, were the wind, always meant to roam


My heart must let go, to set you now free

As you once said, you were not meant for me

Though I love you, I leave you, though it’s sad

We could have been the best we’d ever had



[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2114204-why.mp3]


I grit my teeth and bear it

My soul fucking bares it

The need for you extolls

And casts its costs upon

My god damned soul


I know you, the core of you

I see you, every inch

I hear you and I wince

At what you share

With those who could

Not care



Lest you think

Less of me

I hold your heart

Within me

I care like

You don’t fucking know

I wish that you

Would just show


But whatever, right

There is no fight

I guess we just

Drift apart

No end, really

It’s not like you

Would say to me

“Don’t go

I need you

I want you

I’ll meet you”


You are too

Obsessed with you

To ever really

Let me in

To show even

An ounce of care

Like goddamn strangers did

So who am I

Who am I

To you


You must be getting

Sick of this

If you even care

You read

But at this point

I’m not through

With us

Cuz you



Were just

What I needed


And again

Damn me

I’m laying myself

Bare to thee

In hopes that you

Will what?

Come back to me?

Then what?


Go back to ignoring me

Go back to doing




Without a care for me


I never asked

Never would

You to change

How’s that good

But you failed to respect

And what’s worse

You neglect

Three long days

I waited

While my heart syncopated

You knew

You knew

And not a word

Came through

What was

A girl to think


Except we’re through


Every day

Every damn fucking day

I miss what we had

And yet I’m glad

For how can I be

With one who cannot be

There for a minute

There to care

There to show

He’s fucking there


Why the fuck

Why the fuck

Why the fuck

Should I goddamn fucking care


But I do

Cuz I love you

And I hate you

Not that it matters



I’ll not beg

Not chase

Just release

You to the life

You wanted to lead

Without me


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