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Emerald Mystery #fieryverse

[audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2300049-emerald-mystery.mp3]


Kings and queens

Of the mounds

A mighty race

Lost underground



The history

Of the vast green

Velds of the Éire

The people

Of the Sidhe

Live on


From history

Forever sheathed

In emerald fire

In mystery

On the

Emerald Isle

In Media Rêves

Poetry, Prose, Film. TV, Music, Slice of Life

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Quality of life, Reflects quality of thought.

Oh My! A Diary

{Rachel Lynn}


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poetry, books and writing by V.C. Linde

in & out of sanity

so many reasons to empty my mind.

R. A. Douglas

Dream big! Live bigger!


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"Eye Fly High"


Poetic Landscapes Of The Spirit

A Blog to Regret

"It's hard being a teenager, especially when you're 30"

Himalayan Melodist

An effort by maintaining harmony and balance within life to attain continous improvement - Y2K


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Trying arduously & enjoying in the process :)