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W.H. Auden, Twelve Songs, Song VII


Underneath an abject willow,

Lover, sulk no more:

Act from thought should quickly follow.

What is thinking for?

Your unique and moping station

Proves you cold;

Stand up and fold

Your map of desolation.



Bells that toll across the meadows

From the sombre spire

Toll for these unloving shadows

Love does not require.

All that lives may love; why longer

Bow to loss

With arms across?

Strike and you shall conquer.



Geese in flocks above you flying.

Their direction know,

Icy brooks beneath you flowing,

To their ocean go.

Dark and dull is your distraction:

Walk then, come,

No longer numb

Into your satisfaction.


March 1936


Down Forever Lane

A beautiful poet. Love to read.


This feeling of
This self-smothering need
For abnegation
My thoughts
Not good enough
To be heard
Biting back
The bitterness
I should never
Have shed
Bare before your eyes
Torn within
My head
You left me
For dead
Never a look back
Never a passing thought
My fear your wrought
Into new dimensions
Of complications
Never given
Never given much
The time
The verse
The hearse
You arranged
To carry me on
While you wept
Shallow tears
On the grave
Of us
Mean to to fade
Echo on
Penetrating us
Till it’s only their voice
We crave
They’ve devoured
Us whole

Written and recorded in a fit of emotion. Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense. I couldn’t finish this one…


The sorrow I feel
The shame I hide
The inadequacies
I drown in inside
My tendency
To shy away
How I struggle
To take breath
How my heart
Races in fear
From its own self
And the shadows
That lear
When my body
Trembles and aches
From tension
Of holding myself
In apprehension
The danger that looms
A Damocles sword
Ever present
Waiting to demolish
Leaving me with
Barest sanity
When days spent
In need of night
Of a quiet to bury
My anguish in
No one to look upon me
When misery
Will not relent
Just the stars
The cloud wrapped moon
The memories
And the soft tears
That flow down my chin
Alone again
Broken heart
Shattered mind
No will to go on
No choice to let go
Left to blindly
Fall apart
And overflow

Glorious Redemption

What glorious redemption
Found in love’s mention
Dragged from soul’s hell
At the softest touch
Of affection
Wielded by hands
Of velvet clad steel
And a poet’s silver tongue
Singing touches
Promises of true love’s appeal
To young hearts revealed
By fingers and lips and teeth
By soft caress and warm kiss
And bites so deep
Laid bare
On an alter of devotion
To explore
To know more
Every desire and emotion
To prick the skin in gooseflesh
Puzzle out what lies within
Deeper delving into souls
A passionate mission
To thresh out thought
By each grain coming
Every closer to knowing
Ever closer to revealing
What lies in the deepest recesses
Of love’s heart and mind
By interest plainly shown
Watered by shared pain
And fed by the sun of
Complete and willing
Honest understanding
No pretension
What glorious redemption
Found in love’s mention



When one’s words take on a life of their own
From fingers, mind and tongue birthed to the wind
Whether in brief poem or lengthy tome
They fly free searching for hearts to live in

Those words travel to places you’ve not been
Excursions to the farthest flung reaches
Across deepest oceans, through time they swim
Touching new eyes, new voices, new features

For hearts captured by them, love increases
For minds enthralled, they’re taken in by craft
For eyes that crave what lessons each teaches
For broken souls looking to them to graft

The words you bring to life are powerful
Of this, I entreat, be always mindful


Written as a Spenserian sonnet. For #sonnetsunday on Twitter.

The Beginning

Their eyes met in darkness and sparked a flame
His roamed her, while hers fluttered to the floor
Boldly he prowled nearer and asked her name
In a whisper she gave him that and more

He took her hand and drew her out; they danced
Her shyness melted away in his arms
His smile, beaming and wild, left her entranced
He was seduced by her innocent charms

Her hands trembled as they captured his face
Soothing the fire that burned beneath his skin
Into each other they both arched and ached
Pulling one another closer within

With their lips they brought to life a new fate
Their kiss just a taste of what lay in wait

A traditional Shakespearean sonnet

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