Not Fit

Someone somewhere

Something had the key


They unleashed me

Upon myself

Pacing caged

My mind enraged

Heart racing

Thoughts chasing

Panic erasing

What little remained

The physical



I’ve been caught

By my own claws


Something’s rotting

Away inside me

My own divinity

Is cock blocking me

I’m spent

I relent

I can no longer stay

I’m pent up

I’ve been here

Far too long already


The words I sought

The cure to my own

But what was wrought

But more senseless pain

Nothing ventured

Let’s lay blame

On each others shoulders

Laurels to the winner

And loser both

Wreaths of thorns

That snareΒ and shed

Red blood of their own


This chaos

This pandemonium

Heart racing

Thoughts chasing

Soul crushing

Just leave me alone

I am not fit

For human consumption

I lack the wit

The drive

I’m too hurt inside

Don’t hold me unless

You intend to crush me

To destroy everything

That’s come before


Lining up words in my head

Standing with a shotgun

Filled with dread

Taking aim at every word

That I have ever spoken

Wishing I could

Blow each away

Wishing to take back

Every god damned word

Lay them in a grave



Heart racing

Thoughts chasing

I’ve been here

Far too long already

Don’t touch me

Your tenderness

Hurts too much

Just leave me here

To slowly bleed

Get thee

Behind me


Lemme hear from you!

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