The Heart’s War

A poem in the McCarron Couplet style – “AABBABCCDDCDEEFFEF”


In the darkest depths of her heart she hides
Shades of herself that do not coincide
There lies the lover of destruction, fire
‘Longside the purity of love’s desire
A soul torn in two, dark and light inside
Neither can be all, lest all be liar

The war wages inside her creamy skin
Petal soft outside, but thorny within
Which will gain ground today, true love’s delight
Or despair of lonesome, darkest bleak night
As before and always, they rage again
Pit against each other, none wins this fight

An eloquence of compliance is found
When both sides can be equally unbound
The fire and the lover each always freed
So before you step in, this warning heed
This woman’s heart is not such stable ground
To love her truly, both sides you must feed


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