Her Restraint

She sank her teeth
Into his truth
And bled all his lies away

She licked and suckled
Their brains both muddled
Her seeking
Him giving
All that he was

She bared herself
To his teeth too
But too tentative
Was his touch
Her soul remained
Too tough

As much as she strained
To give what remained
Of her heart, her soul
Her very being
She stayed locked up
Incapable of feeling
To her deepest depths

Though her love for him
Through every vein and vessel
She could not let go
Of what she’d come to know
At every bend and trestle

Both remained at a standstill
Both always loving
Though her heart was locked
To let her love out
Never free from her doubt

Never having
Never fully loving
Always unaware
Of all she had to share

She keeps her love, desperate
For someone to feel
A heart that will heal
And allow her, finally, respite


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