Quietly Waiting

I can write erotica, yes.  🙂


You find me ready and waiting.  So ready.

On my hands and knees on my bed, wearing a short black nighty that does nothing to cover my bare ass.  Looking back at you with a welcoming smile, eyes shining with desire.

Without a word, you are on the bed behind me, your stiffening cock in hand.  Holding my hip steady, you slowly push inside, and release a flood of warmth – pooling there just for you.  You pull back and spread my juices all along the outside of my pussy.  The tip of your cock, dripping with my anticipation for you, circles and teases my clit, making me shudder and moan, pushing back against you.

You hold me steady, and with delicious cruelty, smack my clit with your cock.  I cry out, jumping, and you shush me, tell me to keep still.  Your cock rock hard now, you tease me again, running up and down the lips of my wet pussy, again circling my clit, again smacking it.

You torture me this way until I am begging you to stop, my clit crying out for steady pressure, for release.  Your cock so wet from base to tip, sheathed and glistening with my juices, you line yourself up, grab my hips, and slam into me hard.

I come instantly, screaming out your name, grinding my ass back against you.  My pussy convulses around you as you push, burying yourself so deep inside me.  Your cock bathed in waves of hot, wet, clenching flesh.

I am still coming when you start to fuck me, gripping the sheets of the bed with white knuckles.  You move in me, slowly at first.  Watching as your cock emerges from my cunt, wet and sticky.  Watching as you feed it back into me.  I am so tight around you.  With every slow thrust, you claim me, stretch me, fill me perfectly.

I start to move against you, and you pick up the pace.  Your hips slam against my ass, your hands find my shoulders and pull me back on you harder.  Loving the feel of your cock inside me, both of us lost in the agonizing pleasure.

Suddenly you grab my hair, wrapping it around your hand and tugging slightly, holding my head up and making me arch my back more.  Reaching down with your other hand, you graze my clit, making my pussy bite down harder on your cock.  Fucking me steadily, your fingers circle, rubbing harder and faster.  And again I explode on your dick.

While my cunt clenches around you, while I am at the brink of collapsing in rapture, you grip my hips tight and pound into me mercilessly.  Your cock battering my pussy so hard it’s all I can to to stay upright.  I am overcome and in tears while you take me.  Your cock swelling further inside me as you fuck me, staking me so deeply.

With one final hard thrust, you empty yourself in me.  The feel of your cock throbbing and twitching in me, hot bursts of come flooding me, sends me over the edge, again and again and again.  I grind back against you, wanting every drop of you, needing it.  Loving giving you that release.  Loving how you give it to me.


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