Random Thoughts, IV

Who doesn’t love roman numerals?  Ok, lots of people.  I do.  Reminds me of my Latin class, back in 7th grade.  Loved that class.  Loved Latin.  “Semper ubi sub ubi.”  =P  I remember we once had to make a poster, using Latin.  Mine read, in big 3-d block letters that looked like stone – “Veni, vidi, id me vicit.”  Beneath “vicit” was a tiny squashed figure with blood running out.  It means “I came, I saw, it conquered me.”  =P


I’m feeling kinda angst-y, and trying not to.  Kinda hard to get out of the darker parts of my head…


I got curtains the other day for the living room.  They’re a really nice, chocolatey brown.  And now I can watch TV during the day without blinding glare!  That’s something I’m happy about.  =P  And, got a new lamp, also for the living room.  It’s square, base and shade.  The shade is kinda like burlap.  It’s perfect.


My drapes in my room at the old house were burlap.  With a flounce (?) made of the bed-skirt that came with my bedspread.  Black, with white and grey dragons and Chinese ideograms that I never understood.  I loved my bedroom at the old house.  Painted the walls a buttery yellow, with one wall red.  Trim in a matte black.  Me and my friend Dylan built this amazing captain’s bed frame.  Like, about 3 feet tall, 6 drawers per side.  I painted “endurance,” “love,” and “friendship” in Japanese characters across the drawers.  I had to leave it behind, but took the drawer faces.


I need to make a batch of tortillas.  I’ve been feeling especially lazy lately because I’ve been buying them.  It’s just, such a chore.  Mixing and kneading the masa (dough) so it’s just ever so slightly sticky.  Rolling and forming the tistales.  Rolling them all out, at least 2 dozen.  And then cooking them so they’re still soft, but with nice brown bubbles.  It’s totally gratifying, but it’s such a pain in the ass.  My grandma used to make several dozen, every single day!  So it makes me feel lazy that I can’t do that every couple weeks…


I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately.  And some really lovely dreams that kinda make me hurt when I wake up and realize they weren’t true.  Do many people believe that dreams mean something, that we can learn something from them that can help us in our lives?  I talked with someone about a few, and looked stuff up on a “dream definitions” site.  Dreaming about roaches means I feel inadequate.  A broken pipe means I feel unsure and out of control.  What does it mean when I dream about someone who’s completely unavailable, who’s telling me – in the dream – that we’ll be together “soon”?


I did my hair mask tonight.  The banana/honey/olive oil.  Sucky thing is, no matter how well I mash the banana, I always wind up with little clumps.  Thought about throwing a couple ripe bananas in the blender for a while, seeing if I can puree them enough that they wash out clean.  But for now, I know I’ll have to do an extra good job of cleaning the shower, keeping an eye out for little spots of banana on the walls and curtain…


I hate winter, if just for the static.  What is it about winter that makes everything super dry and static charged?  And what is it about me that draws static like a magnet?  All winter, I get shocked daily.  My hair and clothes crackle with it.  I’m afraid to touch light-switches and car doors.  I’ve even gotten shocked by water!  I’ll go to do dishes or wash my hands, and get a spark off the water!


Lemme hear from you!

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