Random Thoughts, II

Trix are for Viki.  I used to love Fruit Loops, but they’re really rough on the roof of your mouth.  Trix are much better.  ^^


I don’t actually care much for sweets.  Chocolate, candy, cakes and cookies.  Meh.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times I love chocolate (ladies, mirite?), and I love baking cookies and cakes.  I just like to bake and give away.  ^^


I think I’m actually a really selfish person.


I’m kindof a slob.  I come home and toss my jeans and shirt on a chair, and just leave them there till the next time I need them.  But I’m so crazy about having crumbs on the counter, and forks that have crust in them…  And soda bottles that aren’t tightly tightly closed…  I’m a total neat freak about some things…


I am an emotionally driven person, and I’m tired of apologizing for it.


I hate winter.  Not because of the cold, I love the cold.  I don’t even mind snow – though I’m uncoordinated and fall on ice a lot.  What I really hate is the dry air.  Static.  All winter long I have to fear car doors, blankets, coats, light switches and even water – yes, I’ve gotten shocked by water.  How weird is that??  I hate static….


Oh!  I condition my hair with a vinegar rinse – vinegar steeped with cinnamon and cloves, a bit of olive oil and a touch of orange oil.  I tried washing my hair with baking soda and water, but it just never felt clean enough.  The rinse though – my hair has never felt stronger or silkier.  Once a month, I do a “mask” of olive oil, honey and banana.  It’s ridiculously good.


I’m terrified of mice.


Basketball.  I love basketball.  Pro only.  My friend Dylan made me a fan of the Suns, but I love the Celtics.  I haven’t followed much lately, but I should.  I love the high-scoring, fast-paced games.  Intense, so much fun.


I read, a lot.  Like, constantly.  I get anxious if I don’t have something to read.  My books are my friends.  King’s the Dark Tower, Grant’s Newsflesh, Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, Goodkind’s Sword of Truth…


I’m just writing now, blah blah..


I haven’t slept right in weeks, or months.  This year?


I miss sleeping with someone.  Just that.  Spooning, back to back, just, sleeping with someone…  Jeez, I miss that.  And waking up with someone…  fijrokvidk




Lemme hear from you!

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